AR24 offers a complete set of unique features that ensures easy access to our service. Whether your company is big or small, AR24 has been developed to meet all your needs.

iNot Module available

AR24 has partnered with GenApi, the iNot software editor, used by a large number of notaries in France.

The AR24 module is available directly on the latest version of the software, iNot Office, and helps to save time when sending ERL’s:

Direct debit with a SEPA mandate or with a credit/debit card

AR24’s invoicing system is secured and simple to use.

AR24 does not force its users to buy pre-payed packs. Instead, we use monthly billings based on consumption from the past month.


SEPA mandate

AR24 offers the possibility to pay with a SEPA mandate, directly from your bank account.

Benefits: no credit card needed, no validity period (as opposed to credit cards).


Debit/credit card

AR24 gives you the option to pay directly with your credit/debit card, which simplifies the procedure for those who prefer this payment method.

Benefits: standardized process.


Distinct expense accounts

You can add several means of payment in order to have distinct expense accounts that can be split according to your different clients.

For example, this allows a co-owned association to have distinct means of payment for each co-owner.

When you operate with distinct expense accounts, you receive a distinct monthly billing for each one.

This system is fully integrated in the team management system of AR24: if you are part of a team with distinct expense accounts, you will be able to choose which one you want to use when sending your ERM.

The direct debits are automatic and updated at the beginning of each month, for the total of all the sendings made during the previous month.

Detailed monthly invoice

AR24’s invoicing system allows you to receive a monthly invoice, on PDF, sent by email, at the beginning of each month.

Each invoice gives the detailed list of every ERM sent by the team members:

By default, invoices are sent to the email address of the administrator account.

An additional email address for invoices can be added, for instance if you wish to send a copy of the invoice to your accounting department.

The administrator account can also deactivate the sending of the invoice if they want to do so. No other service brings you such a high level of efficiency and reliability.

No installation needed, AR24 can be set up for all your teams in just a few minutes !