AR24 has been designed to meet the needs of independent professionals as well as SMBs and large corporations.

AR24 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that can be used from any web browser ; you do not need to install anything or to ask for any IT support.

It will only take 5 minutes to sign up your entire team and get everyone ready !

No commitment, no hidden costs


No time nor volume-based commitment

AR24 is run through self-service so that anyone, from private individuals to professionals, can send electronic registered mail according to their needs.

Letting its users be as free as they wish to be is the best proof that a service is of the highest quality.

Therefore, there is absolutely no commitment, of any kind, when creating an account on ; neither volume nor time-based.

The only commitment is for AR24 : we commit to always provide our clients the most practical and reliable service.

Also, the creation and the maintenance of an account on is completely free.


No hidden cost, no down-payment

AR24 is a ready-to-use service.

When sending a paper-based registered mail, you don’t pay additional fees in order to archive it in your office or a down-payment to get access to said service. Therefore, we believe it is natural that the archiving of your electronic registered mail should come for free.

With AR24, users only pay for the ERM that they have sent.


Administrator account and team management

AR24 allows you to create a team with an administrator account that will pay for all registered mail sent by their team members.

Once you have tested AR24, you simply need to select someone working with you to be the administrator account (ie. be in charge of billing).

This administrator account will be able to :

It only takes 5 minutes to create a team : once the future administrator has created an account and signed in, they just have to activate the monthly billing for their account (debit/credit card or direct debit by SEPA mandate) under the « Billing » tab. After that, they can go to the « My Team » tab in order to invite coworkers to join the service.

Then, the administrator will receive, at the beginning of each month, a detailed invoice showing the consumption of the entire team during the previous month. The administrator can also choose that a copy of the invoice is automatically sent to another email address (ie. the accountant) by adding the email address under the « My profile » tab.