eIDAS qualified ERM provides additional guarentees that RMRA does not, which gives it a higher reliability than the paper RMRA.

ERM’s additional reliability as compared to paper RMRA

ERM and paper RMRA are two notifcation methods recognized by law that carry probative value.

However, electronic registered mail also has non legal advantages in regard to paper registered mail:

But ERM has another significant advantage over paper RMRA: proof of content.

During each time stamping (a time stamp is given to each piece of ERM), the ERM’s content is completely certified (textual content, photos, attachments, etc).

Inversely, a certification of content is impossible for paper RMRA.

Even if it is considered in case law that the proof of content lies with the recipient and not the sender, a recipient may contest the content and create a lengthy dispute.

The only way to ensure that the legal value of a notification is absolutely incontestable is to use ERM.


Legal reliability of contractual ERMs and eIDAS ERMs

The legal reliability of two kinds of ERM are legally defined.

However,  the eIDAS-qualified ERM provides additional elements of reliability: identification by a third party carrier (AR24) of the sender and recipient.


The additional requirements of the LRE eIDAS (being stricter), are an additional guarantee of security.


Superior legal reliability of the LRE sent by AR24

AR24 places a particular emphasis on quality and reliability.

In order so ensure this, each LRE sent by AR24 receives a time stamp by two qualified service providers independent of AR24 in order to guarentee: