Cost of ERM sent by AR24

2.49€/ERM (excluding VAT)

Each electronic registered mail sent through AR24 has a fixed price of 2.49€ (excluding VAT).

The cost of ERM includes all our features : large amount of attached documents, long-span archiving, team management, etc.

All inclusive price

The price of 2.49€ (excluding VAT) includes all possible services:


256 MB worth of attachments

In comparison, a classic email allows you to send between 5 and 10 MB of attached documents. AR24 allows you to send up to 256 MB of attachments, without additional fees.

This volume makes it easy to send hundreds of pictures in high quality, thousands of pages, and also audio documents or videos, etc.

AR24 does not charge you any additional fees for these 256 MB : thanks to its secured Cloud, AR24 can offer its users a high volume of attached documents.


Double certification

AR24 is the only service provider offering a double certification for each piece of electronic registered mail.

AR24 chose this double time stamping in order to :

  • guarantee independence and high reliability of the time stamps noted for each ERM
  • overcome potential (even though unlikely) failure from one of the Service Providers of Electronic Timestamping


Ten years of archiving

Archiving your electronic registered mail is essential. The law requires a minimum period of 1 year ; AR24 offers you 10 years.

With AR24, long term archiving is included ; it is not an option that will incur additional fees.

AR24 offers 10 years of archiving in order to help each user to keep proof of the sendings and to be able to supply these proof as long as possible.

This includes :

  • archiving proof
  • archiving the contents
  • archiving the attachments

It is important for you that your proofs are kept secure for a long time. We agree.

No hidden costs

AR24 is the only service provider that charges you only with the cost of the sending of your ERM :

You only pay for the ERM that you send, nothing more. 

Monthly billing

You are not billed each time you send ERM.

At the beginning of each month you receive a detailed invoice, for all the ERM sent during the previous month.

Payment for all sent ERM is simple and can be automatic with a debit/credit card or a SEPA mandate.