Paper registered mail with reception acknowledgement – RMRA

Paper registered mail with reception acknowledgement (paper RMRA) is a classical type of mailing, authorized by law, allowing a sender to prove that a piece of mail has been sent to a specific recipient on a given date.

With every single piece of registered mail also comes:

  • a proof of deposit, confirming the date of the deposit
  • a delivery requiring the signature of the recipient, giving proof that the piece of mail was presented by the postman and handed over to the recipient
  • a predetermined compensation in case of loss
  • a letter delivery tracking system

Paper registered mail without reception acknowledgement does not come with the ability to prove that the mail had been delivered to the recipient because only a simple delivery notice was left for the recipient.

Moreover, paper RMRA does not give proof that the content has been delivered to a recipient. It can be argued that the letter was empty or that the content was altered during transport. Case law has established that the recipient must prove the content (or the absence of content), not the sender. This flaw of the registered letter is still a frequent source of legal dispute.