What do I need to do ?

The sender’s identity of a piece ERM will not be revealed to the recipient unless they accept the ERM.

To accept and open your ERM, and know the identity of the sender, you simply need to click on the button provided and follow the instructions in order to go through the identification procedure.

Then, you will have access to a new webpage giving you the content of your ERM and the identity of the sender.

Meanwhile, your sender will receive the proof of reception acknowledgement.

If you do not accept your ERM within the 15 days period (starting on the day after the first notification), the ERM will be considered as neglected and will become unobtainable. Your sender will receive a proof of negligence, and you can be considered liable for negligence in case of dispute with your sender.

If you click on the link in order to refuse your ERM, you indicate that you refuse to take notice of the registered mail that has been sent to you. The ERM will then become inaccessible. Your sender will receive a proof of refusal, and you can be considered liable for refusal in case of dispute with your sender.