What is an electronic registered mail ?

Electronic registered mail (ERM) was introduced in French law in 2005, with article 1369-8 of the Code Civil, and began being enforced in February 2011.

In October 2016, the law was repealed to replace « contractual » ERM with eIDAS ERM, which was originated from a new European regulation (called eIDAS) and in effect since July 2016.

This process, widely unknown to the public, is now spreading. It allows the user to send registered mail, with reception acknowledgement, that are completely dematerialised, without using traditional postal services, printing, or physical delivery.

It is an innovative process that helps save:

  • Time
  • Money on direct costs of the letter
  • Money on indirect costs (such as paper, ink or archiving costs)
  • Ecological footprint

Therefore, electronic registered mail is a new process for sending registered letters with reception acknowledgement, that can be routed by private companies separate from the traditional service provider.

If you have received a notification from AR24 it simply means that someone has sent you electronic registered mail.