Invoicing system and pricing conditions

There are no registration fees, no charges related to the use of your account, and no time nor volume-based commitment. There are no hidden costs, nor archiving fees. Everything is included in our price: each piece of ERM costs 3.49€ (VAT not included) and includes 10 years of archiving, time-stamped by a qualified service provider (with a certification) and up to 256 MB of attached documents.

When an automatic payment method is added to your account, you can become the administrator of a team; if you have sent any ERM, at the beginning of the next month you will receive a complete and detailed invoice with all the ERM sent during the previous month. A direct debit will then take place, according to the amount indicated on the bill.

If the administrator has created a team and team members have sent ERM, the monthly invoice will include all ERM sent by the team.

The « Billing » tab allows you to add several means of payment so that you can choose which one will be used when you are sending ERM; this will create different streams of payment.

Note that you can also send the bill to another email address by adding it on the « Billing » tab.