Setting up AR24 for your team

You can set up AR24 for your entire team in just a few clicks.

A team needs an administrator to manage the payment of monthly invoices that they receive by email.

In order to create a team, you need to have an account with an active payment method.

Once the payment method has been activated, the account becomes an administrator account and then the access to the « My team » tab is unlocked.

On this page, you will simply need to add the email addresses of all the desired members of your team, either one by one or with a database of contacts.

Each of these email addresses will receive an invitation (by email), with a link to activate the account.

Once the process is over, each member of the team will have their sent mail paid by the administrator.

Note that an administrator can revoke a team member’s access to their AR24 team by simply deleting their email address from the « My team » tab. The deleted team member will no longer have access to ERM that they sent from within the team but will still have access to their ERM sent outside of the team.

Also note that an administrator has access to the shared archives under the « My sendings » tab, while team members only have access to their own archives.

Finally, note that the administrator of the team doesn’t have to be a part of the accounting department or a supervisor of the company.

The administrator can also add the email address of the accounting department so that they can also receive a copy of the monthly billing.