What are the benefits of using the ERM of AR24.fr?

In comparison to paper registered mail with reception acknowledgement, Electronic Registered Mail is more convenient,  faster to send and archive, costs up to 10 times less, and carries a better legal security because the mail’s content is certified.

AR24.fr’s electronic registered mail is the most practical and reliable option currently available on the market.

AR24’s ERM offers a security for each sending because of time-stamping done by a qualified service provider, 10 years of archives, and 256MB of attached documents (equivalent to thousands of pages in any format).

Besides, with AR24, there are no hidden or additional costs other than the cost for each sending.

Finally, note that the AR24’s ERM is the only option that is able to provide the complete legal coverage necessary to strictly comply with the Digital law regarding the sending of electronic registered mail in the frame of the european eIDAS regulation.