How to acknowledge receipt of my Qualified Electronic Registered Mail using the list of codes provided by my notary ?

To acknowledge receipt of your Qualified Electronic Registered Mail and access its content, take the list of one-time passwords given to you by a notary. This list is in a document on which appears your email address, your name and your first name. This document was generated on XX/XX/20XX by the notarial office of XXXXX in France.

If you think you have not received the list containing your one-time passwords, or if you think that your list contains an error (for example in your name or your email address), please contact this notarial office directly.

Open the notification email from AR24 and click on the “Voir mon courrier” button (Read my mail).

Please note that this list is valid for 5 years. We therefore invite you to keep it because it will allow you to access every electronic registered mail that you will receive at this address from AR24.

If despite these explanations you still encounter difficulties, you can contact our service on 00 33 1 86 95 35 89 or send us your telephone number so that our service can call you back.

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