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The equivalent of a paper registered letter, but 100% dematerialised from posting to delivery.

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Why trust the online Electronic Registered Letter ?


Certified by ANSSI, AR24's Electronic Registered Letter (ERL) has the same legal value as the paper registered letter (Article L100 of French Postal and Electronic Communications code).


Simple process 100% online. Speed up your procedures with instant delivery.


All data is hosted on our servers in France, compliant with eIDAS, GDPR and AML-CFT regulations.


2 to 5 times cheaper than paper registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. Single rate with no extra cost, up to 256 MB of attachments.

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Reminder: if the recipient is not a professional, consent must be obtained before sending. This can be obtained through our Consent Manager.

First electronic registered letter service certified by eIDAS and ANSSI

AR24 is the first eIDAS-certified electronic registered letter service provider in France to be certified by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI). It is the only service to offer universal and remote identification of a recipient, making registered letters accessible to everyone. This qualification ensures the reliability and security of our services.

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