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eIDAS certification

AR24 is the 1st French, eIDAS-certified electronic registered mail sending service

The benefits of using AR24

  • Our electronic registered mail conforms with articles 43 and 44 of the european eIDAS regulation
  • Double time-stamping by two independent organizations, for extra security and guaranteed quality
  • Ultra-secure IT infrastructure and an efficient and available after-sales service
  • Proof of submission, proof of sending and acknowledgement of receipt / proof of refusing / proof of neglecting; only AR24 provides you with proof of “first presentation at home” (email address of the recipient) starting the legal period of 15 days within which the recipient can accept or refuse the electronic registered letter
Exemple d'une preuve de dépôt/envoi d'un recommandé en ligne

Our system has been tailored to meet the needs of professionals, from legal and paralegal to SMBs and large companies:

  • No time nor volume-based commitment subscription, no down-payment, no hidden cost
  • Administrator account and team management system
  • Detailed monthly invoice
  • Distinct expense accounts that can be split according to clients
  • Direct debit by SEPA mandate or credit/debit card

AR24 is the only service provider that brings you the high level of efficiency. No setup is required, AR24 can be used by all of  your teams in just a few minutes!

Exemple d'une preuve de dépôt/envoi d'un recommandé en ligne

All-inclusive price of 2.49 € (VAT excl.) per registered mail including a double-certification, 256MB of attached documents and 10 years of archive.
Decrease direct and indirect costs : save on time, paper printing, archiving, access time…


  • Up to 5 times cheaper than classical registered mail with reception acknowledgement
  • Double certification of your registered mail
  • 10 years of archives including proof as well as the content of your mail
  • Up to 256MB of attached documents
Exemple d'une preuve de dépôt/envoi d'un recommandé en ligne

How does it work ?

  1. I send my registered mail

    To one recipient or to a group of recipients

  2. AR24 certifies the mail and the attached documents

    Then AR24 notifies my recipient who will have to acknowledge reception of the mail

  3. I receive all of the required proofs

    Proof of submission, proof of sending, acknowledgement of receipt

  4. My mail and proofs are archived for 10 years on AR24.fr

  5. I set up AR24 for my company with just a few clicks

Expertise adapted for each individual


Legal departments and law offices

  • It’s the logical and technical evolution following the electronic signature
  • Save time and money
  • Your mail is legally certified!

Human resources, purchasing services, claims departments

  • Take the initiative and drastically reduce risks of litigation, certify all of your important exchanges with our two offers:
    • The electronic certified mail in case of highly valuable risk of litigations
    • A more affordable, lighter and easier to use version for lighter risks
  • Nothing to install nor set up, the savings are immediate : you will be saving time, money, and you will have proof of your exchanges.

IT service providers

  • Simplify your clients’ process by integrating and offering AR24 services directly from your software.
  • AR24 is already used by more than 50 000 professionals directly through major software solutions
  • Clear and complete, ask for our API documentation