Receive your Qualified Electronic Registered Mail

Everything you need to know about receiving your Qualified Electronic Registered Mail

La Poste Digital Identity

Do you have a “La Poste Digital Identity”? You can now acknowledge receipt of your AR24 Qualified Electronic Registered Mails in less than a minute.

Video identity verification

This identity verification is carried out remotely, when you want and where you want, in just a few minutes. All you need is a smartphone and a valid ID in good condition.

Verification in 4 steps.

Click on the “Check my mail” link in the email

Film your ID card

Your identity is recorded and awaiting validation

Why am I receving an email from AR24?

You have received a notifcation from an email address because someone has sent you a 100% Electronic Registered Letter via the AR24 service.

The AR24 ERL is a Docaposte solution, a subsidiary of La Poste. AR24 has been a qualified provider for sending electronic registered letters since 2018. More than 10 million French people have already received an AR24 Electronic Registered Letter.

This delivery is the legal equivalent of the paper registered letter and has the same security guarantees.

As with a registered paper letter, you must prove your identity to be able to access its content and know who is sending it to you.

How can I be sure that it is reliable?

Why trust AR24?

  • Subsidiary of Docaposte (La Poste Group)
  • First eIDAS-qualified service provider in France for sending electronic registered letters
  • Used by nearly 10 million people in France

See our certifications


According to Article L100 of the Postal and Electronic Communication code, AR24’s Electronic Registered Letter has the same legal value as a paper registered letter. Therefore in case of litigation, the ERM has probative value before a judge and offers all the necessary protection to the sender.

To send an ERM from simply:

  1. Create your AR24 account and add a payment method;
  2. Go to the “New mail” page and select the electronic registered letter;
  3. Identify yourself with formal identification, if you don’t have one you can order one;
  4. Write your ERL, add any attachments;
  5. Send it to the recipient.

  1. Once the ERL has been drafted into the AR24 interface, it is sent instantly to the recipient, who is immediately notified by email. They have 15 days to acknowledge receipt of their electronic registered letter.
  2. The recipient must provide identification in order to access the content of the mail. They can do this remotely, in several ways.
  3. Once their identity is validated, they acknowledge receipt and you, the sender, receives a proof of receipt.

The proof of the Electronic Registered Letter are equivalent to those of a paper registered letter.

  1. Proof of deposit and posting: immediately received after the ERL has been sent, this indicates to the sender that the ERL has been deposited on our servers and sent to its recipient.
  2. Proof of receipt: If you receive proof of receipt, it means the recipient has acknowledged receipt of the ERL.
  3. Proof of refusal: If you receive the proof of refusal, it means that the recipient has refused your ERL.
  4. Proof of neglect: this indicates that the recipient did not acknowledge receipt of your ERL within 15 days of posting.

Each Electronic Registered Letter sent by AR24 includes up to 256MB of attachments at no extra cost.
With 256MB of attachments, it is possible to send different types of files (PDF, JPEG, MP3…), hundreds of images or high definition scans, or even documents with tens of thousands of pages.

Choosing AR24 means choosing:

  • An ANSSI-certified Trust Service Provider and sender of eIDAS qualified electronic registered letters.
  • A solution from Docapotste, a subsidiary of La Poste.
  • An ultra-secure IT infrastructure and an efficient and available after-sales service.
  • Expertise tailored to each individual.