The Electronic Registered Letter

The Electronic Registered Letter (ERL) is the equivalent of the paper letter with acknowledgement of receipt (Article L100 of the French Postal and Electronic Communications code).

What is the Electronic Registered Letter?

Since January 1st 2019, the certified ERL (according to the European eIDAS regulation) is the exact equivalent of registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt by post.

When the law requires the use of registered mail, it is the only 100% electronic mail from posting to delivery.

The legal advantages of the Electronic Regstered Letter

  • Strict legal equivalent of the paper registered latter : Article L100 of the post and electronic communications code
  • Presumption of reliability before a judge - probative value
  • Highly secure identification of sender and recipient
  • Traceability and legally enforceable proof of content in the event of dispute

Why use the Electronic Registered Letter?


Instant delivery. Receive proof of posting and sending in just a few minutes (equivalent to a non-delivery notice).


A single rate regardless of the volume of attachments: up to 256 MB or approximately 19,000 pages of PDF documents.


Encrypted data and storage of letters and evidence for 10 years on AR24's secure servers, based in France.


Your recipient acknowledges receipt 24/7 from their mobile or computer.

Mail tracking with proof